Our Lustrous undershirts are skillfully constructed to allow your freedom of motion.

Precision Wear

SVELTE by Sully was designed and developed by Product Specialist Anthony Sullivan to slim, tone and tighten the look of a man’s physique by combining new technology with a wardrobe staple, the undershirt. Traditional undershirts can add bulk, heat, and often require constant adjustment to prevent the dreaded plumbers crack… SVELTE by Sully is not that worn out traditional undershirt! You work hard, and you deserve an undershirt that works hard for you!

SVELTE by Sully features the comfort of 360° stretch and precision compression for a perfect fit, it keeps you cool with its unique lightweight fabrication, and it will stay in place to keep you looking and feeling great all day. Have your beer and drink it too, guys!

You will look smoother and more toned, your clothing will fit better, and even your posture can improve when you slip into SVELTE by Sully! Go ahead, check yourself out, SVELTE by Sully has got you covered with the range of motion you want and the compression your latest pant size says you need.