It was time to develop something that was comfortable, provided slimming compression, cooled on a hot day and kept you warmer in the cold.

Sully and Rhonda

You may know him best as the TV Pitchman for OxiClean and from his two-year stint on the Discovery Channel show “Pitchmen” with his late business partner Billy Mays. Anthony “Sully” Sullivan has spent years in front of the camera, at events, and in the press, always seen wearing  a basic, white t-shirt under his signature OxiClean shirts. Over the years Sully faced the same issues time and time again with those t-shirts –they were too bulky, too short, would not dry, the collars were too loose, and they lost their shape in just a few washes. He could never find that perfect fit, and he knew other guys must be over it too.

Sully knew there had to be something better in the world of men’s undershirts, so he tried them all… Some were too short, too tight, the fabric didn’t breathe, and most were expensive and a hassle to wash. It was long past time for someone to develop something that was comfortable, provided performance compression, kept the wearer cool on a hot day and warmer in the cold; a garment that kept men dry and was long enough to fit under any clothes without riding up. Sully had a clear idea of what he wanted from experiencing everything he didn’t, and he set out to make men’s undershirt dreams come true.

Sully ran into long-time friend and neighbor Rhonda Shear (Developer of the World Famous Ahh Bra) wearing an ill-fitting men’s shapewear garment to help him squeeze into a 10 year old tuxedo at a black tie charity event they were both attending. Rhonda cracked a joke and said that she could make something so much better with her talented design team and knowledge of fashion technology. A product partnership was born on the spot and Sully and Rhonda immediately began developing the ultimate undershirt, SVELTE by Sully! Rhonda’s industry experience and skillful design combined with Sully’s personal vision from years as an unsatisfied undershirt wearing man led this collaboration to create an undershirt unlike any other, SVELTE by Sully.