These ingenious undershirts are designed to eliminate the problems of the classic, old undershirt that men have been fighting for years.

The Science of SVELTE by Sully

SVELTE by Sully is not your ordinary undershirt. It is the ultimate men’s precision undershirt.

Designed to eliminate “Moobs”, “Beer Bellies”, and “Plumber’s Cracks” without sacrificing your manly comfort, SVELTE by Sully is the reason to toss your old undershirts for something a whole lot better.

SVELTE by Sully is engineered with seamless body mapping technology to target compression, ventilation, and stretch.  Our unique fabric blend and 360° peripheral stretch allows for complete maneuverability and ultimate sculpting as it conforms and defines your natural shape.  The seamless compression zones contour problem areas with controlled ribbing, creating an ideal shape without making the wearer uncomfortable. SVELTE by Sully shirts are longer and stay tucked without bunching or creating bulk under clothing. The innovative design also features wicking properties and cooling vents at the back and under the arms, allowing for maximum breathability and comfort throughout your day.

Our cutting edge design styling and high quality fabrication make SVELTE by Sully the easy choice for men who want value and quality in their undershirts. Be confident knowing that you look your best in SVELTE by Sully.

Svelte Fabric